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Science Direct Login


WAYful Login: Science Direct can be accessed from:  Start by clicking on "Sign in" on the upper right.

Elsevier sign in button

You'll get a login dialog.  Click on "sign in via your institution" at the bottom.

Elsevier Institutional prompt

Search for "Sharjah" and click on American University of Sharjah" when it shows in the results.

Elsevier Institution selection

You'll get a confirmation screen for AUS, click on the "Sign in via your institution" button.

Elsevier Institutional confirmation

Science Direct will display a confirmation screen for, which allows you to stay signed in for other compliant resources.  Click on "Continue" to proceed.

Elsevier login confirmation

The AUS login prompt will appear.  Sign in with your AUS username and password.

AUS sign in promot

Science Direct will return to the home screen.  On the upper right you should see that your access is from AUS.

Elsevier logged in preview

You can now use ScienceDirect from off-campus.