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Undergraduate Research

How students can (and should) publish their research

The importance of research for undergraduates

Undergraduates gain tremendous benefits from developing, maintaining and publishing research. These benefits and skills are helpful regardless whether you would like to join the workforce, volunteer or attend graduate school.

For science students, undergraduates learn the following skills when conducting research:

  • Learning lab techniques
  • Ability to analyze data
  • Develop skills to interpret results
  • Ability to integrate theory into practice

As one physics professor points out, "there is no better way to learn science than by doing science."

Undergraduates from majors within the humanities and social sciences also gain valued experience when publishing research. For example, critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to work through analytical problems are all skills fortified by research. Not to mention communication skills and academic and personal self confidence.

One of the best methods to showcase your research is to have it published in a scholarly journal. This guide provides a brief introduction to preparing to publish your research and the journals that accept undergraduate research.

Preparing Students For the World through Undergraduate Research