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Undergraduate Research

How students can (and should) publish their research

Journals covering English topics

Here is a list of publications that accept manuscripts from English and Literature and its related fields. You may also want to search the General publications list.

1890: A Journal of Undergraduate Research
The mission of our peer-reviewed journal is to encourage, recognize, and reward intellectual and creative activity beyond the classroom, and as such, 1890 provides an interdisciplinary forum that builds a cohesive academic community.

UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal
Will showcase the best undergraduate work in comparative literature across the nation as well as highlight more contemplative writing by students regarding multicultural issues, culture shock, or transnational experiences such as studying abroad.

Digital Literature Review
An academic journal edited, produced, and published by undergraduate students partnered with the English Department at Ball State University.

A scientific journal for the humanities.

An open-access academic journal that highlights the work of students at the undergraduate level and above across a range of academic disciplines with a particular focus on the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

LOGOS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research
Dedicated to publishing outstanding work by undergraduates in every academic discipline, including original research, essays, creative writing, and artwork.

LURe Undergraduate Research
Promoting scholarship in literature, critical theory, film, and cultural studies.

Madison Journal of Literary Criticism
A space for undergraduate students of literature to publish their scholarly work and engage in contemporary literary debates.

The Midway Review
Its essays examine arts and culture, philosophy and politics, but speak across the intellectual spectrum. In general, we are interested in essays in the original sense of the term: thoughtful attempts, not academic papers.

Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies
Looking for high-quality papers that present serious research with fresh points of view in the humanities and social sciences.

International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities
The Journal accepts submissions of research articles, fiction, poetry, photography, videos, and other creative works from undergraduate students in all academic disciplines.

Young Scholars in Writing
Publishes research and theoretical articles from undergraduates on writing, writers, rhetoric, discourse, language, and related topics.