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This guide provides resources for assisting faculty with their research

What is an Open Data Repository?

An Open Data Repository is a website which provides a framework and location for you to put your research data when your project is complete.

Open Data Repositories are usually focused on a specific discipline and will have standards for the formats of submitted data and the metadata that accompanies it.

Their use is two-fold:

  1. You can use an Open Data Repository as the end destination for your data so it can be archived and accessed in accordance with your Data Management Plan
  2. You, and other researchers, can use an Open Data Repository to access past experimental or research data for verification, longitudinal analysis, and meta-analysis.

This means that an Open Data Repository can be both a starting point, or an endpoint, for research.

We've collected a few discipline-specific repositories here for your convenience. 

General Repository Resources

Arts-specific Repositories

Humanities and Social Sciences-specific Repositories

STEM-specific Repositories