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Faculty Research Support

This guide provides resources for assisting faculty with their research

Impact of Your Research

 Suggestions for maximizing your impact are listed in the document below

Researcher Profile

Create a Google Scholar profile


Researcher Impact

How can I find out who is citing my research?

1. Start with a key reference (e.g. your journal article, book, conference paper etc.)

2. Search citation databases for that reference to find articles citing your publication.

How can I track citations of my work over time?

1. Use a citation database to set up an alert. 

You will be notified as soon as a new citation is added to the database. 

How can I find high impact articles in my field?

1. Run a keyword search in a citation database

2. Sort the search result by number of citations.  

The most highly cited work will be at the top of your search results.

Where do my peers publish?

Using Web of Science:

1. Go to the Web of Science database and carry out an "organization-enhanced" search for "American University of Sharjah"

2.  From the results list, select a Web of Science "category" of interest eg. Mathematics and next, "refine"

3.  You can next "analyze results" or "create a citation report" 

Using Scopus:

1. Go to Scopus and carry out an "affiliations" search for "American University of Sharjah"

2. From the results list, click on "documents" link

3.  You can next "Analyze Search Results" by author, source or subject areas

How do I calculate my h-index?

Using Web of Science:

1.  Go to the Web of Science database and search the Author index

2. From your list of publications, select Create Citation Report

3. A Citation Report will contain information on the number of publications, the number of times these publications are cited, and your h-index

 Using Scopus

1.  Go to the Scopus database and search the Author index

2.  Select the correct author to view author details and identify latest corresponding h-index

Using Google Scholar

1. Open Google Scholar

2. Once you have searched for and added your publications to your profile, go to "my citations" 

Useful graphs showing trends in citations over time are provided along with your h-index