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ARA 101E: Arabic Heritage - English Resources

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Arabic & Translation Studies Librarian

Arabic and Translation Studies Collections Map

Library Catalog Search Tips : Keyword search

Use the following  Keywords to help you find books and other related materials in WorldCat Discovery

"Islamic civilization" - "Arabic literature" - "Arabic poetry" - "pre-Islamic poetry" -"Islamic poetry" - "Arab Heritage"   
"Arabic language" - "Andalus" - "Andalusia"

Locating Arabic Resources

Arabic materials in AUS Library are cataloged using the Library of Congress Romanization System. Romanization / Transliteration of Arabic  is writing Arabic script in Latin characters. Searching WorldCat Discovery using transliterated keywords is necessary in order to retrieve relevant results.  Please check Arabic Romanization Table

Library Catalog Search Tips : Subject search

A subject search can also be performed by typing in the suggested subjects below in WorldCat Discovery 

su:Islamic civilization
su:Islam and science History
su:Muslim scientists History

su:Muslim scholars
​su:Islamic Empire History 750-1258
su:Muslims Spain History
su:Spain Civilization 711-1516
su:Arabs Spain History To 1500
Andalusia (Spain) Civilization
Islam History To 1500

WorldCat Search

Search WorldCat for books, articles and more:




Suggested Titles for "Who are the Arabs?"

How to find resources about Muslim scientists, scholars, poets and philosophers

In order to find books and articles that inlclude biographical information about Muslims who had a great impact on Islamic civilization, please follow steps below:

You need to have full name of the person or at least his/her last name and year of birth and/or death. Use this link to find the name authority of the person (a unique heading under which catalogers collocate all different versions of personal name spellings in different languages). You can either enter the name in Arabic script or transliterated (writing Arabic names in Roman characters). After locating a name authority, copy it and paste it into WorldCat Discovery search box.

You can also do a subject search of the following:

Muslim/Arab Scholars su:Muslim scholars Islamic Empire.
Muslim/Arab Philosophers su:Muslim philosophers Islamic Empire.
Muslim/Arab Scientists su:Muslim scientists Islamic Empire.
  su:Muslim scientists Biography.
Muslim/Arab Astronomers su:Astronomy Arab.
Muslim/Arab Historians su:Historians Islamic Empire Biography.

Resources including Biographical Information

Arabic Translation Studies Resources Workshop Spring 2018