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A reference manager that allows you to manage, read, share, annotate and cite your research papers

How to get started

Mendeley is a citation management tool, but also an academic collaboration network and crowd-sourced database with a unique layer of social information research.

Use Mendeley to:

  • Manage your reference lists
  • Organize PDFs of research papers, including annotations and highlights.
  • Insert bibliographies and citations into Word
  • Share research with collaborators
  • Discover articles in your field

How to get started

Create an Account
Download Mendeley Desktop

Install the Mendeley Web Importer

Install the Citation Plugin
Update your Account Profile
Once you have set up your account you can add details about yourself to your profile to help you connect with colleagues through Mendeley. You can also mark publications you have written and Mendeley will track the page view and download statistics on those articles for you.

Getting started with Mendeley (6 minutes)