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Welcome to Arabic Heritage Subject Guide

Welcome to the Arabic Travel Writings Subject Guide, your gateway to the most relevant research resources.

Use the tabs to locate resources that will help you get started with your research.

WorldCat Discovery Search Tips

Use the following Keywords to find books and other related materials in WorldCat Discovery.

Travels =  الرحلات
Travelers = الرحالة
Travel Writing = أدب الرحلات
Ibn Battuta = ابن بطوطة
Ibn Fadlan = ابن فضلان
Ibn Jubayr = ابن جبير

Locating Arabic Resources

Arabic materials in AUS Library are cataloged using the Library of Congress Romanization System. Romanization / Transliteration of Arabic  is writing Arabic script in Latin characters. Searching WorldCat Discovery using transliterated keywords is necessary in order to retrieve relevant results.  Please check Arabic Romanization Table

WorldCat Search

Search WorldCat for books, articles and more:




WorldCat Search Tips

A subject search can also be performed by typing in the following suggested subjects in WorldCat Discovery search box below (then use filters to select Arabic as language of items

    su:Travel in literature
    su:Travel Religious aspects Islam
    su:Travelers' writings, Arabic

   Subjects for Travelers: 

    su:Travelers Arab countries Biography
    su:Muslim Travelers
u:Ibn Batuta. 1304-1377
    su:Ibn Fadlan, Ahmad, active 922
    su:Ibn Jubayr, Muhammad ibn Ahmad, 1145-1217

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