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Is your research process leading to relevant and useful results?

For an effective and efficient research experience, you should practice quality control at every step.

Also think about the research strategies you are using. While research is an ongoing process, you don't want to get too distracted and waste time or energy.

Carefully analyze the information you gather and compare it with your research need. Make sure your sources are relevant, appropriate and sufficient.

How Do Students Use Wikipedia?

Foxtrot's Wikipedia

Foxtrot comment about plagarizing Wikipedia on school work

Transcript for Screen Readers:
Panel 1: Peter stands at his professor's desk.

      Professor: "Peter, about your paragraph on Thomas Edison..."
      Peter: "What about it?"

Panel 2: Professor: "It's a word-for-word copy of what's on wikipedia. I expect you to do original work."

Panel 3: Peter: "Who's to say I didn't write the entry myself?"

Panel 4: Professor: "Save the loopholes for law school, son."
      Peter: "Tell you what. I'll settle for a B+."

Using Wikipedia for Academic Research

Credible Sources Count

Screenshot from the Credible Sources Count tutorial with an image of a long-necked dinosaur

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

Apply the CRAAP Test

CRAAP Test Evaluation Questions

Use the questions in this document to evaluate your sources based on Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose.