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Ebook Readers


Downloading a book is an easy three step process.

ProQuest Ebook Central New Reader Downloads - Devices

ProQuest Ebook Central New Reader Downloads - Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)

ProQuest Ebook Central New Reader - Complete Download

Bluefire Reader

Using a tablet or phone to download an e-book

Users can download a book for offline reading on either their tablet or phone (iOS and Android are supported) using the Bluefire Reader for mobile devices (freely available for iOS devices in the App Store and for Android devices in Google Play).

When on your mobile device - and in the new ProQuest Ebook Central online Reader or on the new book Detail page - you will be guided through the streamlined 3 step download flow for mobile:

  1. Select Mobile Device
  2. Install BlueFire Reader
  3. Download

Your downloaded e-book will then be available in your device’s BlueFire folder, ready for offline reading, annotating, etc using the BlueFire app.


1. New Reader Downloads - Select Mobile Device

2. New Reader Handheld Devices & Bluefire App

3. New Reader - Complete Download

In the final step, depending on the licensing of the ebook, you will either default to a set loan length or select your preferred loan length. This will determine how long before the downloaded ebook expires itself and renders the file unreadable.

While you can re-download the book when your download period has expired in order to keep using it offline, keep in mind that for some ebooks, only one copy is available to all our users. Please be courteous.