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Academic Writing II: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum

Getting Started

What type of information do you need?

Background information about your topic ---  Explore Subject Encyclopedias

Information about people --- Explore Biographical Dictionaries

Documentary films about your topic --- Explore WorldCat

UAE information ---  Explore the Library's UAE LibGuide

Country Information / statistics --- Explore Yearbooks and Statistics Databases

Subject Encyclopedias

Subject Encyclopedias are reference sources devoted to a specific subject or field of study.  Typically these sources are edited by a respected scholar in the discipline with articles written by subject experts. 

Use a subject encyclopedia to find:

  • An overview of topics within a field or discipline
  • A list of references considered to be the best sources on the topic and good for further reading

The following are librarian recommended subject encyclopedias which you may wish to take a look at as you begin your research.  All are located on the first floor of the AUS Library in the Reference Collection.

Subject Encyclopedias - Business

Subject Encyclopedia - Education

Subject Encyclopedia - The Environment

Subject Encyclopedia - Ethics

Subject Encyclopedia - Globalization

Subject Encyclopedias - Human Rights

Subject Encyclopedia - Immigration

Subject Encyclopedia - Language

Subject Encyclopedias - Marriage and Family

Subject Encyclopedia - Media

Subject Encyclopedias - Medical Sciences

Subject Encyclopedias - Middle East

Subject Encyclopedia - Psychology

Subject Encyclopedia - Religion

Subject Encyclopedia - Sports


A yearbook is an annual documentary, historical, or memorial compendium of facts and information about the preceding year, often limited to a specific country or subject.  

The following yearbooks are particularly useful if you are searching for comprehensive country information, analysis and statistics.

Biographical Dictionaries

Biographical dictionaries are collective works of sketches of peoples' lives. In some sources, sketches are no more than a paragraph in length and include no more than a summary of facts, such as birthdate, names of spouse and children, education, awards, and career highlights. Others may devote multiple pages to a single person's life.

In addition to biographical dictionaries, other reference works, such as subject encyclopedias, often include biographical essays of prominent people in the corresponding field. 
The following is a list of biographical dictionaries available from the AUS Library's Reference Collection


Up-to-date and accurate statistical information including population, economic and political trends can be found through the AUS library databases.  The following link to statistics databases provides a list of recommendations.

It is also worth checking for local statistical information available through our UAE LibGuide.

UAE Sources

The AUS Library provides a comprehensive listing of useful UAE information sources via our UAE LibGuide.

Here you will find links to UAE statistics, government reports, business intelligence, heritage & culture and Emiratisation sources.

Country Information

The AUS Library provides a comprehensive guide for finding useful information on countries via our Country Information LibGuide. This guide will help you find economic, demographic, political and historical country information.