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Academic Writing II: Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum

Library Classes

During semester, your professor will schedule a library session for your section in the AUS Library.

This is your opportunity to explore the library's electronic research tools and to learn about different research strategies from librarians.

Use the links on the left to find out what to do before attending your scheduled library session.  

Library Quiz

Before attending your WRI 102 library session, you will need to access and complete an online library quiz via ilearn.

This 10 question quiz is designed to get you thinking about the research process and should only take you 15 minutes to complete. 

To access and take the library quiz, link to the instructions below 

Your Library Class

Your professor will let you know when your library session is scheduled.  This will typically be within the first few weeks of semester.

Classes are held in the Library on the groundfloor in classroom IC1.

Make the most of your library session!

  • Come to the library session with a research question or thesis statement written down.

    If you have a topic in mind for your paper, we can help you find information on this topic, but if you have a focused research question or thesis statement ready, librarians can help you find more detailed and specific information matching your research aims.

  •  To help you prepare a research question, you might like to refer to the Developing A Research Question Template.