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What is covered in this section

This section of the EndNote Web libguide covers:

  • How to 'Create a Group' (similar to a file folder)
  • How to 'Share a Group' & 'Manage a Group' with others

Create a Group

A 'Group' is a very effective method to keep your references organized. Think of a 'group' in EndNote Web as being an electronic file folder for your references.

Once you create a group (create as many as you'd like), you will be ready share groups with classmates and colleagues who also have access to EndNote Web. This is an effective way to manage references for classes and group projects.

  • To create a group, go to the 'Organize' tab>Manage Groups
  • Select the 'New Group' button
  • A pop-up window should appear. Assign a name to the new group.
  • Select OK
  • The new group should appear in the 'Manage My Groups' menu
  • You can share, rename, or delete the group from this menu
  • For instructions on how to share and manage a group, see the next set of instructions on this page

See the screenshot below for 'Creating a Group' in EndNote Web.

to create a new group, go to the organize tab, select "manage my groups", scrool to bottom, select the "new group" button. You are now ready to add references to your group and add & share references to your group

Share & Manage a Group

To share and manage a group:

  • Go to the Organize tab, select 'Manage My Groups'
  • Find the the 'Share' column
  • Check the group you want to share
  • Select 'Manage Sharing' to share your group with others
  • Select Start Sharing button
  • Add email addresses so that you can share your group
  • Select the 'Apply' button
  • Consult with your colleague to make sure that they have access to the group

screenshot of endnote web describing the preceeding instructions

screenshot of endnote web describing start sharing link