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Faculty Guide to Library Research Assignments

English 204 Writing Assignment

This research assignment requires students to develop an annotated bibliography.

This assignment was provided by an AUS English professor.

Writing Assignment

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

As the authors of your book note, “A working bibliography is a list of the sources you are collecting and evaluating for your research paper” (Arkin & Macheski, 2006, p. 142).  You may or may not use all of the sources in your paper but it is helpful to keep a record of all of the sources you consult.

This assignment requires you to present your sources in APA style and then to list the ideas and or points from your sources that you will be using to either support your argument or to explain your topic. The purpose is NOT to summarize your sources but rather to clearly state how information, i.e., direct quotes or paraphrases, will be used by you in your paper.

You must annotate at least four of your sources, but depending on the length of the sources and how much information you take from them, you may need to annotate more. This assignment is to help you organize your sources and the more work you put into this assignment, the less you will have to do for the next one. How long should the annotated bibliography be? This will depend on the length of your sources and how many points you use from each source. You should work towards a minimum of two to three pages.

This assignment must be typed and double-spaced in size 12 New Times Roman Font. Please do not prepare a separate cover sheet.

The expectations of an “A” paper for this assignment are below:

  • Sources presented in APA style.
  • Direct quotations properly introduced and referenced.
  • Paraphrased points properly introduced and referenced.
  • How the points will be used by the researcher clearly explained, i.e, you have not just summarized the author’s ideas but have told the reader how you think the points will be used in your paper. For example, you tell the reader whether you will use the information to support your argument, explain your topic, or as a point of concession / refutation.
  • Grammar, spelling, formatting of paper, etc. are appropriate for ENG 204.