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Psychology Assignment

This assignment requires students to search the library databases to identify articles for their research paper.

This assignment was provided by an AUS Psychology professor.

Psychology Assignment

Assignment Notes:

Use APA style, and indicate clearly whether the library has access to the article. Be sure to check both PsycInfo and Journal finder to determine whether the library has either electronic or hardcopy access to each article.

Articles must be directly relevant to your topic and to one another. Be sure you conduct several searches and read, at a minimum, paper abstracts to ensure that articles are related to one another. Sets of articles which are not cohesive will be returned for additional research, and this will slow the process of locating any papers which require interlibrary loan. *DO NOT* simply conduct one search and list the first five articles listed.

This assignment is worth 5% of your paper grade. For the first five articles that you list, you will earn ½ point for proper APA style, and ½ point for relevance to your topic. You will lose ½ point for failing to correctly indicate whether the library has access to an article.

Please list your papers in order of interest/relevance to you as you will only be graded on the first 5 listed (this means that the reference do not need to be in alphabetical order, although they will be in the reference list you include at the end of your paper). If you include more than 5 articles, I can provide feedback on the likely relevance of each additional paper, although you will not earn points for them (in other words, I can help you choose the 5 papers most directly related to your topic).


For an empirical, peer-reviewed article, APA style takes the form:

Author, F. M., Coauthor, F. M., & Collaborator, F. M. (Date). Title of the article in sentence
     caps without quotation marks. Name of the Journal, Newspaper, or Other Periodical in
     Heading Caps and Italics, Volume in Italics
(issue number), page numbers.

Gilbert, D. T., Pelham, B. W., & Krull, D. S. (1988). On cognitive busyness: When person
     perceivers meet persons perceived. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 54
     (5), 733-740.

Weber, W., Vander Stoep, A., McCarty, R. L., Weiss, N. S., Biederman, J., &
     McClellan, J. (2008). Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) for attention-
     deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children and adolescents. JAMA, 299, 2633-2641.


Text is single spaced, double-space between references. Use a hanging indent. Attend carefully to the punctuation as well as the content. Older papers may not have a DOI (especially if you locate a print copy of the article), but most new articles will have one.