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Legal Research Using LexisNexis

Finding Websites

Be sure you can trust websites you use for your research.

Keep in mind web evaluation criteria

  • accuracy
  • reliability
  • currency
  • objectivity
  • relevancy

Federal & State Statutes, Codes & Regulations

Use these sections to search full text or browse all statutory code (formal, written laws) enacted during United States Congress or state legislative sessions.

Example: To search the US tax code (title 26 in the US code) for all references to divorce go to Federal Statutes, Codes & Regulations on the left under US Legal, type title 26 (selecting Heading from the drop down list) and on the next line type divorce, using Annotated U.S. Code as your Source.

Select Federal Statutes, Codes & Regulations, or State Statutes, Codes & Regulations on the left hand side under US Legal. 

Tax Law

Use this section to search or browse IRS decisions and code.

Example: Limiting your search to Internal Revenue Code and using inheritance as your search term gives all those results where inheritance is referred to in in IRS code.

Select Tax Law on the left hand side under US Legal.

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