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Journalism IL Plan


Welcome to the Journalism IL Plan libguide.

This guide is a portal to information relevant to those interested in developing an Information Literacy plan for Mass Communication with a concentration in journalism.

AUS journalism faculty, librarians, and other key stakeholders can consult this guide to learn more about:

  • Information Literacy Defined
  • ACRL IL Competencies
  • AUS IL Competencies
  • Assessment
  • Journalism libguide
  • And more...

This guide will continue to evolve in collaboration with AUS journalism faculty and library administration.

Current IL Practices at AUS

Since 2002, IL has been a compulsory component of the general education requirements. All Writing 102 and English 204 attend one library session one time during each course so that they are introduced to and assessed on a variety of IL competencies.

Assessment is ongoing. Students may be required to take a pre-IL class quiz. Others have completed a research log throughout the semester in order to articulate, document, and reflect upon their research journey. Recently, the library's IL team has begun work implementing a rubric so that faculty and librarians can assess various IL student learning outcomes.

The IL team works closely with WRI 102 and ENG 204 faculty to ensure that students are learning how to best become information literature during their academic career and beyond.

IL for Journalism Students

The library currently provides a journalism libguide for journalism students. This guide identifies they key library resources within their discipline.

Once students have completed WRI 102 and ENG 204, which include 2 one-shot library classes, it is imperative to provide MCM students with a concentration in journalism with supplemental resources to better prepare them for their professional career.

Journalism faculty can refer to this guide to help them to scan a vareity of resources that can help their students become information literate. IL standards for journalism majors, active learning activities, library resources, internship resources, and assessment ideas can be gleaned from this guide.