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Welcome to Technical Reports and Standards

Welcome to the Technical Reports and Standards information subject guide for engineering.

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What is a Technical Report?

Technical reports detail results of specific technical or scientific research projects. The reports can be sponsored by government institutions or private organizations and are usually produced in response to a specific need. Individual technical reports can also have numeral designation since they are often part of a series of reports for a specific project.

Technical reports can be difficult to locate and are often only available online by purchasing the report from the sponsors’ website.

Reports often are produced prior to the work being published in journals and as a result the information is very timely and technical but can become obsolete very quickly.

What is a Standard?

The U.S. National Standards Policy Advisory Committee defines a standard as as:

"A prescribed set of rules, conditions, or requirements concerning definitions of terms; classification of components; specification of materials, performance, or operations; delineation of procedures; or measurement of quantity and quality in describing materials, products, systems, services, or practices."

Standard are basically technical specifications or codes for products, processes or methods. They are typically generated by either governments or professional associations and most are avalible for purchase only.

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