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Newspapers at AUS

This subject guide covers how to find newspaper articles in WorldCat and Journal Finder, where to find print newspapers in the library, and which databases and online resources have newspaper articles.

Newspapers at AUS

“One reason that cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers.”

― Gwendolyn Brooks, In the Mecca

The AUS Library can provide access to hundreds of newspapers through its digital and print collections.  To see an overview of which databases to search, click the Databases tab on the left.

Search Summon for newspaper articles

Use WorldCat if you want to search by subject, author, or keyword. Search results from newspaper articles are turned off by default. To include results from newspapers, click twice on “Newspaper articles” on the left side of the results screen. One click will include newspapers, two clicks will limit the results to only newspapers.

Screen capture of an example search in WorldCat, selecting the content type Newspaper Article

WorldCat Search

Search WorldCat for books, articles and more:




Search Journal Finder for newspaper titles

Use Journal Finder if you know the title of the newspaper you are looking for. The results will tell if the Library has the journal in its digital or print collections. It will give you the names of the databases that have that newspaper, as well as which dates are covered.

Searching Journal Finder for the New York Times:

Screen capture of an example search in  Journal Finder


Search results showing which databases have the New York Times, and which dates are available:

Screen capture of a search result list in Journal Finder

Journal Finder Search

Use Journal Finder to find a specific journal, newspaper or magazine:



Or by ISSN:


What is Journal Finder?